Restored sites



In February 2015 we began work on the construction of a wellsite just outside Laughton, near Gainsborough, in line with the planning permission granted by Lincolnshire County Council in 2013 for a conventional oil exploration well.

Throughout, we listened to the concerns of the local community and, as a result, set up HGV restrictions so that any vehicles coming on site would not be able to come through the village. We also set up time restrictions on our operations to minimise the noise impact on local people.

The local parish council were very involved in the process and helped us to organise site visits for local people and community information events.

The well was drilled 1,700m in March 2016; reinstatement occurring in August 2016, similar to the Corringham producing oil field a few miles to the south east. Results from the testing were disappointing, however, and we decided not to take the Laughton site forward.

All the equipment was removed from the site and it was returned to its former use as agricultural land.

Burton on the Wolds

In 2014 Egdon built a new wellsite near to Burton on the Wolds in Leicestershire. A well was drilled during October 2014, which did not encounter sufficient hydrocarbons to facilitate a test programme. The well was plugged and sealed in line with regulatory requirements at the end of the drilling operation.

In 2015, the Burton on the Wolds wellsite was restored back to agricultural use, to the satisfaction of the landowner and of Leicestershire County Council Planning Authority.